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What is CPD & Why YOU need it!!!

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and is commonly defined as:

"Intentionally developing the knowledge, skills and personal knowledge needed to perform professional responsibilities".

In simpler terms this means the learning activities professionals engage in to develop and enhance their abilities.

Engaging in CPD ensures that both academic and practical qualifications do not become out-dated or obsolete, allowing individuals to continually up skill or re-skill, regardless of occupation, age or educational level. It also provides an opportunity to reflect on your delivery and be the best you!

Why does CPD exist???

Albert Einstein said, 'Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think' and this is certainly true when it comes to the existence of CPD. Ensuring that your skills and abilities are enhanced and expanded upon beyond formal education will permit proficiency and efficiency within your skill set.

The benefits of professional development

So what are the benefits of CPD? While you may think that your education and the skills you end up learning on the job will supply you with all the relevant skills you require, CPD can really level up your profile. This can help avoid the skills gap, something that is as important for employers as it is for you.

With employers facing huge losses due to skills gaps, by engaging in professional development, you can quickly and easily build the skill sets required by your organisation. And by continuing your professional development, you continue to learn and develop, keeping your skills and knowledge up to date.

A few of the benefits of Continuing Professional Development:

  • Stay up to date with changing trends

  • Be more effective in the workplace

  • Maintain and enhance your knowledge to supply a better service

  • Advance the body of knowledge within your profession

  • Increase interest in your profession

The importance of CPD for employers

There is a common misunderstanding among many employers that learning at work,and engaging in CPD will take too much time and effort. This is where can help, with a range of courses that are Flexible, Affordable, Engaging and Inspiring and accessible whenever and wherever your staff are.

So, for any training needs contact

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