Supporting children and young people dur

Supporting Children through Covid -19

Our world has changed and research has shown the effects this has had on children and young people. This course is designed to give you practical and useful tools to use in daily practice to help support their mental well-being in this difficult time.


Emergent Child Literacy

How do we support children during the early years to ensure strong foundations for literacy are laid.

Holding Hands

Child Development & Psychology - An Overview

Understanding how a child develops can enhance your daily practice. This course is designed to give you a brief overview of the theories and how you can apply them in your setting.

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Building Resilience

Resilience is a key element of positive mental well-being. How do practitioners help children and young people to develop resilience within their practice?

Supporting Children through Covid -19..j

Outdoor learning During COVID-19

This has always been part of the EYFS but with the knowledge of reduced transmission of Coronavirus, learning outdoors has even more importance. This course will provide useful guidance for practitioners and managers on how you can implement this successfully in your setting.

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Partnership with Parents

Creating a good positive partnership with parents, including those who are ‘hard to reach’ and ensuring practitioners understand ‘why’ this is so important in their setting.

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Emergent Child Numeracy

Numeracy is more than just learning numbers, it’s about developing mathematical knowledge in the world around them from first hand experiences. How do you implement this in daily practice, we will show you.

Reading Braille

Mindfulness for Early Years

Learn what mindfulness is and how it can benefit your practice within early years and help young children.

Teacher and Young Student

Mindfulness for Children 5-12

Learn what mindfulness is and how it can benefit children not only in the short term but help them build long term strengths.


Mindfulness for Teens

Being a teen can be really stressful, mindfulness is a powerful way to handle stress and known for lowering anxiety and depression. This course looks at strategies to help teens use this in their daily lives.