Boost Kickstart CPD

Supporting the skills development and employability training for your Kickstarter
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Why you need this CPD

Based on the World Economic Forum Report, we are aware of the skills our workforce needs to hold by 2025. The Kickstart scheme is providing a fantastic opportunity to young people, providing practical on the job training alongside employability skills development. Based on these identified key skills, Boost offers a program that will provide training to enhance the Kickstarter’s toolkit, providing them with skills the employer will find valuable or after the 6-month period, give them a platform to find a new role. They not only will have gained some practical experience, they will also have a certified CPD course that gives them a competitive edge in the market place.

Kickstart CPD program modules

Module 1: Work Ethics

Module 2: Effective Communication & Collaboration

Module 3: Problem Solving & Critical Thinking

Module 4: Creativity & Initiative

Module 5: Self Management

Module 6: CV Enhancement and DISC Profile

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Course delivery, benefits & cost

Course Delivery -: The course will be delivered over a 6 Module Program, with 2 scheduled calls with a Boost Team Member at the start and end of the training program. The Kickstarter will progress through the modules at their own speed with support if required from the Boost team.

Benefits & Cost

  • Structured training program developed specifically for Kickstarters

  • Core elements of CPD delivered to support skills development training and enhance employability skills

  • CPD Accredited training with certificate of completion

  • All this for only £500 plus VAT